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Baby Product News.

Imagine a baby shop which encouraged breastfeeding, bed-sharing and sold products to encourage attachment parenting. There where no plastic feeding bottles or pacifiers (dummies) on sale, no sterilizes, formula milk in the flesh or on products (cards, books, packaging. A place where you can sit down with your baby to breastfeed. A shop where all the products were ethically sourced – no children in the far east making products for our children in the west.

Where the toys sold needed imagination not batteries. The toiletries didn’t contain petrochemicals that could do harm to your baby’s health.

What if you wanted to use cotton nappies on your baby instead of expensive polluting and unhealthy disposables. You’d be able to get good advice about the different kinds and buy them easily without having to mail order.

This shop also sold books on natural parenting.

Imagine if your baby had eczema or was teething and you needed advice you could go to this shop and they would have information on homeopaths, osteopaths and many other complimentary practitioners that could help you and your family.

Imagine you wanted a home birth and needed support, they would have information on home birth support groups, doulas, independent midwives, birthing pool hire, active birth and yoga teachers.

Imagine visiting this shop and not being ignored by the staff and made to feel welcome and helped when you asked a question – where you in the shop were more important than the person phoning.

What if you wanted to make an informed choice about vaccination; this shop would have articles to read and organisations to contact.

Perhaps you wanted to find a breastfeeding support group or a singing groups for your toddler – this shop would have a notice board with all that kind of local information.

If you live in Bristol, Bath or Stoke Newington ( North London) you may know that this shop already exists – it’s called BORN and was started by my sister and I in March 2000. We have plans BORN shops and grow a network of agents (BORN mothers) who share our passion for mothering naturally.

We would love to hear from you if you think you may want to be involved in any way; from working in our shops to running you own; becoming an investor or perhaps a BORN mothers agents.

Eva Fernandes

Co-founder BORN


Sir David Attenborough's campaign to "save the Heart of Borneo".

Life on Earth is not evenly spread around our planet. Borneo - the world's third largest island - is one of its richest treasure-houses, full of an immense variety of wild animals and plants, all living in a magnificent tropical forest.

A single, vast, unbroken area of this forest still cloaks the mountains, foothills and adjacent lowlands that stretch along the inland borders of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

This is the Heart of Borneo and all of us who value life on this planet should support the efforts of these countries to conserve it. It is truly a world heritage and the world should respond to its needs.

Like almost all such forests, it is under the threat of being cleared or degraded, thanks to the economic and social pressures of life in the 21st century. We must not let this happen.

These forests are not just the home of wildlife. They protect the land and give birth to the island's rivers.

They maintain a natural system that supports both the lives of the local people and their countries' economies.

Please join with me to help save the Heart of Borneo - a global heritage. 



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