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The Youth Hostel Association has recently joined up with other organizations, hotels and tourist guesthouses and the like, in an aim to "become more sustainable".

The Campaign sponsored by the European Union is aiming to support and encourage such enterprises and businesses to become greener and more sustainable, using energy efficient technology and renewable energy like Solar PV.

This campaign is titled "REST" (Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism). And in Green Isp,s opinion is more than overdue and highly praised. But is it just piecemeal? Hopefully not, because it could set a trend in sustainable Tourism across the globe.

At Green ISP we believe that the tourist industry in the whole should be taking a far more forward thinking lead in sustainable practiced in general, as for example the airline industry, which carries millions of people on holiday every year is totally unsustainable and one of the most polluting industries in the tourist trade.

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Breaking News.

Shell's reserves lower than thought. Shell, one of the worlds largest oil companies ( top 5) has announced that it believes it's oil reserves are a lot less than the had previously thought.

Shell now estimates it's proved reserves of oil and gas at 20% lower than previously thought, and is expected to announce its reserves have shrunk from 19bn barrels to just 15bn at its annual review sometime next month.

This means that there is now enough oil and gas in Shell's reserves to last just another 10 years, this really has come as a shock to a lot of analysts and experts, especially as Shell are world's third-largest listed oil company.

This really does make very clear the need for a more sustainable and renewable energy policy throughout the world especially in countries like the UK and the United States, which rely heavily on oil and gas for the strength of their economy.

This has now prompted ratings agencies to scrutinize the other top leading oil companies like BP, ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco in a hope that they will disclose details and information on fields they class as proved reserves.

All we can do is wail and see.

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Here comes the renewable and sustainable revolution

sources: FT

Feb 2004