News of the month (January 2005).

On 15th January 2005 Green ISP offset thier estimated Co2 emissions.
”We calculated the electricity consumption of our Data-Centre share at this time, and are working on a figure of around 35 Tonnes per Year of Co2 emissions, which most experts would agree equates to around 105 native British or 3 trees per tonne per year to off-set our C02” explains Founder and Director Paul Palmer, who is totally focused on environmentalism and sustainability, and, is passionate about safeguarding our planet.

Combining experience in organic farming/growing with a background in Environmental Controls Engineering and Information Technology, Mr Palmer has recently experienced a period of sustainable low-impact living and thinks the time is right for Green ISP; ‘we would like to inspire other businesses to take the challenge and follow suit.’ He said.

After this all the BroadBand trees will be planted at an appropriate time in the planting season.



On the day around a dozen people successfully planted over 150 trees, several species of tree were planted including Rowan, Willow, Oak, Hawthorn on a site in the Midgley area in co-operation with Climate Action and Tree Planting group “Treesponsibility” a Hebden Bridge based company in a way which could eventually involve local communities across Britain.
Treesponsibility are running an initiative which they call their “Carbon Positive” programme which is intended to help other companies in and around the Calderdale area do the same as Green ISP and help reduce their environmental footprint.

Green ISP is an Environmentally Guided Internet Services company (vISP) which in December 2004 decided to go a step further and plant a tree for every new Broadband customer to even further offset Co2. Green ISP hope that they can replicate this business model in other parts of the country with the help of Treesponsibility and other groups.

Jan 2005