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It seems that Trees and Forest preservation issues are slapping us all in the face at the moment, I say this because just last week a Green ISP customer contacted us for some advice regarding their "Router Configuration", during this conversation we ended up having another discussion about the Green ISP Ethos and the way that some of the Greener Companies and individuals around the world are convinced that "ONLY" technology and efficiency will help us Save the Planet.

There seems to be a widely held belief that Climate Change and a Low Carbon economy will save the world and there is a strong focus especially amongst the Business world that the Planting of Trees and Forestry Preservation should not be taken seriously and that only "Wind Power" and "Capture and store" are the real answers to all these problems?


There's another view!

Well, there is a much more rounded and Holistic approach to all this that is the basis of the Green ISP philosophy, we understand efficiency is important, we know that there's Co2 to be concerned about, however if we simply focus on one narrow view then we don't stand a chance of understanding how we need to live on our Planet and what we can do to mitigate the effects of our actions on that planet past, present and future.

What's more amazing is that this customer offered a great piece of a journal (SEEBIF Initiative) that they have written exactly on the subject of Forestry and the reasons to take the preservation of trees Very seriously indeed.

Here's the Document, kind permission to publish by N. Miles (Green ISP Broadband customer):

SEEBIF Initiative.
View Document here:

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