News of the month (May/June 2005).
Sustainable Homebuilders sign up to Green ISP

Earth Homes Limited ( are please to announce that they are now hosted and connected ( Broadband) by the environmentally aware ISP Green ISP.

“Our environmental and ethical policy synchronizes well with Green ISP and we are pleased to support other organizations that are adopting similar criteria.” Says John Talbot Chairman of Earth Homes Limited.

“We are introducing low impact earth sheltered curvilinear homes to the UK and Ireland. Our design and building method is up among the top rated sustainable homes in the world. We believe we are offering no less than the most practical solution for building low impact sustainable housing viable almost anywhere in the world”



The homes are a radical shift from rectilinear to curvilinear design and utilize a sustainable form of gunite (sprayed concrete) technology instead of traditional bricks and mortar. 

Please do take a look at our site and we would appreciate your comments on what you see there.

May-June 2005