News of the month (October 2004).

Green Party Conference 2004.
Caroline Lucas predicts "Green MPs within a year"

The Principal Speaker of the Green Party Caroline Lucas received a standing ovation at their annual conference at the Weston-super-Mare conference today (22/10/04) after a passionate plea for honesty and integrity in public life.

She also called on Tony Blair to "resign - or face impeachment - for deceiving parliament and the public over the Iraq war" She added that The Greens were the only alternative to the other main parties as the Main Political Parties are increasingly "interchangeable and indistinguishable".

MEP Lucas went on to say that "The other parties are increasingly indistinguishable on war, privatisation, globalisation and public services - only the Greens offer a real alternative,".


Dr Lucas on Climate Change.

Dr Lucas, a member of the European Parliament's influential Environment Committee, said the other parties don't fully understand the "revolution" in government transport and energy policy required to tackle climate change.

She called for the government to end tax beaks for the aviation industry and subsidies to the oil and nuclear power sectors, and covered the need for a massive drive towards Solar Power as a real alternative.

Green ISP is of a similar opinion, in that any UK government should totally overhall the planning procedure and planning laws to enable this to happen, developers should be given incentives and strict guidelines on the percentage of possible renewable energy (for example: solar PV roof tiles and facades) on all new builds.

In fact John Prescott of the Labour Party demanded earlier in the month that all new homes built in Britain should be designed so that they can receive solar power. Draft building regulations from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, due to come into effect in January 2006, stipulate the change, but we will have to see if these proposals actually come to fruition.

October 2004