News of the month September 2005).
Are recent US Hurricane's just 'one of those things' or a direct result of Global Warming?

Some experts including Sir John Lawton, chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution have raised concerns which if true could have really profound consequences for areas in the world prone to Hurricane such as the coast of the US (as we have seen all to clearly recently).

Sir John has said recently that recent events could just be the "smoking gun" of global warming and that "growing violence of storms such as Katrina, which wrecked New Orleans, and Rita, now threatening Texas, is very probably caused by climate change".

What seems almost certain to a lot of people is that; Ironically the very same Cars and trucks which are transporting folk fleeing the Hurricane Zone in an area where gas stations in League City are running out of petrol, cars are jamming the main roads heading north and the main Interstate 45 north is jammed taking several hours to go through, will (if the experts are correct) turn out to be one of the main causes of the increase in severity and regularity of these Hurricanes.

The main reason for this could turn out to be the amount of Oil the US and rest of the world consumes for Motor Vehicles, for example around 47% of all oil consumed in the world is said to be for Motor Gasoline - Petrol, 22% for fuel oil (including Diesel) and 11% for Jet Engine type fuels - Kerosene.

So, could the impact we are having on our planet be the cause of the of the increase in extreme category 4 and 5 hurricane events (doubling since the 70's to around 18 per year?
And is it purely coincidence that in the same period, sea surface temperatures, one of the key drivers of hurricane intensity, has increased by an average of 0.5C (0.9F).
Make your own mind up!

sources: by reading the Ecologist and the Independent and on request


TreeSponsibility offer "Eco" Tree Planting Holidays.

Treesponsibility is based in the Upper Calder Valley of Hebden Bridge, recently named the world's 4th funkiest town in British Airways in-flight magazine.

Air flights are the most polluting form of transport and the fastest growing source of UK carbon dioxide emissions leading to climate change.

That's why in the world's 4th funkiest town, they think it's funkier not to fly.

By choosing to stay in Britain, instead of flying abroad, you can be sure your holiday won't cost the earth. Go on one of their tree-planting holidays, have a great time and know that you are taking the first steps towards becoming carbon neutral.

Seven nights food and accommodation at the Lumbutts Centre, a contemporary conference venue situated in the historic village of Lumbutts in the Upper Calder Valley (see their web site The holiday will include five mornings of tree-planting at a variety of different sites, leaving plenty of time for you to explore the countryside and discover the delights of the market towns and hill-top villages. The area has countless miles of green lanes, footpaths and bridleways with a range of countryside activities on offer.

Hebden Bridge has an outstanding, independent cinema, as well as fine pubs, chic cafes and great live music venues. Optional evening activities will include a quiz night, instant theatre and acoustic music, leaving Saturday night free for a trip to the town's spectacular bonfire night firework display.

for more details and to book.

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