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Contact: Paul Palmer
Green ISP
Suite 3
Premier House
Lockhill Mills
Holmes Road
Sowerby Bridge
HX6 3LF .


Sowerby Bridge- Jan 5, 2005 - Green ISP, announces its continued strategy for supplying Broadband to its customers:
Green ISP is visionary in the way its users choose to be provided Broadband Internet Services.

During Jan 2005 we calculated the electricity consumption of our data -Centre share at this time, and are working on a figure of around 25 Tonnes per Year of Co2 emissions, which most experts would agree equates to around 105 native British or 3-5 trees per tonne per year to off-set our C02” explains Founder and Director Paul Palmer, who is totally focused on environmentalism and sustainability, and is passionate about safeguarding our planet.

Green ISP co-operated again this year (2006) with TreeSponsibility , a community climate action group to plant the Carbon Offset trees (90% increase on 2005) on 3rd – 5th February 06 in the Hebden Bridge area of West Yorkshire as part of their “Co2mmitment Initiative”. Over 800 trees were planted on the 2 days and all of the trees used are native to the area, many of them grown using locally sourced seeds.

Green ISP has a vision of being an ISP as energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is possible to be, using “renewable energy” technology, Carbon “sequestration” methods, Green ISP recently invested in ½ KW Solar PV electricity generating capacity for main offices.

By using Green ISP, customers are offered connectivity to the internet in the way of Dial-up, ISDN, Broadband, get free e-mail, Web Mail and Web Space, Newsgroups and Feeds, and various other services you now come to expect from any other ISP.

Some of the features that Green ISP offers its users include:

  • Plants a Tree for every new Broadband Customer.
  • Links to alternative technology and sustainability sites.
  • Utilize low power consumption AMD Turion 64, Athlon and Sempron 64 (CPU’s) which have lower power consumption than Pentium 4 and 4M processors.
  • Increased tree planting capacity (sequestration) by around 85% (now Carbon Positive)
  • Investment in ½ KW Solar PV electricity generating capacity for main offices
  • Virtually Paper-free office.
  • Offices now situated within a 1 minute walk of local Train Station Platform
  • Only use vehicles which use fossil based fuels as a last resort.
  • Continued support and promotion of organizations which have an aim to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Useful information about environmental issued and other topics.
  • Features on environmentalism and green issues.
  • 3 - 5 February 06 Very keenly priced services.

For additional information on Green ISP, their services and what they are doing, visit their web site at http:// You can also contact by phone during normal business hours at 0845 0580659 or using the contact details heading this page.