ADSL - Cancellations and Charges


BT Wholesale Cease Charges -
Following the telecoms strategic review and the implementation of the "neutral" network operator Openreach, it has been deemed necessary to introduce a "ceassation charge" for broadband services.

This fee covers the charge made by Openreach to their customer BT Wholesale to un-jumper (disconnect the wiring) a line when a xDSL service is to be ceased/cancelled, please note that this is a charge for a full service cease and not a migration to an alternative provider via the standard "Migration" route.

From 8th Sept 2023, the cease price will change from £20.50 to £30.50 for (All ADSL Products).

For ALL UK BT Open Reach FTTC and Fibre Optical FTTP customers regardless of contract term.

NOTE - If Migrating: The normal Migration route is where the gaining provider simply takes over the existing line or cables (i.e FTTC or FTTP service).

If the customer is moving from one technology to another, for example FTTC SoGEA to FTTP Full Fibre then a Full Cease or Cancellation is required.

Moving to alternatives like Virgin Media or City Fibre for example will also require a "Cease" or cancellation of service.

The above is called a "Cease and Reprovide".

Customers are required to call sales 01422303505 for advice or preferably email in to or use the contact form on our website to find out what thier contract terms are so we can advise what to do.

We will need you to confirm your Name, First Line of the address and Post Code where the Broadband is currently connected.



OfCom then visit


Green ISP.

***Prices quoted are correct at the time but may change if telecoms strategic review policy changes.

Please see


IMPORTANT: (notes and amends/explainer from our T and C's).

13.1 The Customer may end this Agreement after the Minimum Period of Service by giving The ISP not less than thirty (30) days written notice expiring no earlier than the end of the Minimum Period of Service. If a Customer wishes to end this Agreement before the end of the Minimum Period of Service, The ISP shall be entitled to charge the Customer an early release fee (this includes any customer "Cancelling" the Service that is provieded on before the end of the "agreed term" (3 or 12 months).

13.2 In addition, if a Customer using The ISP ADSL service ceases (totally disconnects without immediately moving to another ISP) their broadband connection then the ISP is entitled to charge the customer a "cease" fee (as explained opposite).

The ISP is entitled to levy this charge irrespective of the cause of the cease (for example but not limited to situations where the Customer's telephone service provider makes a change to the line that causes the broadband account to be ceased even if it is without the Customer's explicit knowledge), this also includes any customer "Cancelling" the telephone line that the Service is provieded on before the end of the "agreed term" (3 or 12 months as specified in our product list on the website, subject to cahnges).